Powerful Letters from a Black Mother to Her Son on Identity and Hope

Read over Jasmine's shoulders as she reminds her little black boy that his identity is firmly planted in Jesus Christ, even when the topic is one as emotionally charged as race in America.


An honest, yet hopeful image of what it means to be evangelical and black.

In Mother to Son, Jasmine Holmes draws readers in close through a series of letters to her young son, Wynn. Holmes addresses a range of issues — from discipleship to marriage to biblical justice — with a head-on, wholehearted approach. 
Mother to Son documents Holmes's journey as an African American in Evangelical spaces and imparts wisdom, history, and encouragement to her child and her readers. 
Consider yourself invited to read over Holmes's shoulder as she reminds Wynn that his identity is firmly planted in the person and work of Jesus Christ, even when his experiences — in the church and in the world — as a black boy becoming a black man tell him otherwise.

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Penned by

Jasmine Holmes

Jasmine L. Holmes has written for The Gospel Coalition, Desiring God, Fathom Mag, Christianity Today, and The Witness. She is also a contributing author for Identity Theft: Reclaiming the Truth of Our Identity in Christ and His Testimonies, My Heritage: Women of Color on the Word of God. She teaches humanities in a classical Christian school in Jackson, Mississippi, where she and her husband, Phillip, are parenting two young sons. They are members of Redeemer Church, PCA.


Jackie Hill Perry

Writer, Poet, Artist

"These letters are personal and yet applicable to us all. With a child or without. Brown or White. Married or Single. We may not all understand what it is to be her, a black mother with a brown boy, but we all understand what it is like to love, to care so deeply for someone that affection becomes words."


K.A. Ellis

Director, The Edmiston Center

"Jasmine Holmes's Mother to Son is written for a far larger audience than just her own children; she has delivered a literary benediction to grace our bookshelves, challenge our earthly cultures, strengthen our feeble hearts, and point us toward lasting hope."


Jen Pollock Michel


"What a privilege to sit at the feet of Jasmine Holmes in these pages. In order to navigate her way through one of the thorniest conversations today—race in America—Holmes has relied on biblical wisdom to convey hard-yet-hopeful truths to her son. So much is yet to be done to repair the sins of the past; so much is still possible through the church of Jesus Christ, who carried our burdens and become the way of reconciliation."


Karen Swallow Prior

Reader. Writer. Professor.

"Mother to Son is more than a collection of heartfelt letters of a young mother to her new son. Mother to Son is a missive to America and to the church about what it looks like to hope, to fear, to long, to risk, and to love—all while instilling in ourselves and in those we love and are called to lead both a sense of belonging in the present and a call to invest in a future of greater flourishing for us all."


Thabiti Anyabwile

Pastor & Author

"The love of black mothers for their sons defies easy categorization. It's at once fierce and tender. It's folksy and sophisticated. It careens toward indulgence but insists on growing up. Black mothers somehow combine both the romance all mothers feel for their sons with the realism required in a racially cruel world. The love of black mothers for their sons is a gift to the world—and the church. In these pages you will see why, as Jasmine Holmes speaks to her sons and to the church about her sons, about black boys, about black mothers, about hope and pain, love and fear, justice and gospel. Anyone looking for an honest yet hopeful exploration of what it means to be black, a mom, a wife, and a Christian—in all the ways those labels interact—will find a witty, womanly, biblical, theologically sound guide in Jasmine as she talks with her boys, and ours."

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